Purple Daisies

photo by Bruce Patterson

"Having enjoyed singing in choirs for many years, I decided to take voice lessons for the first time in my mid 40's and I was lucky enough to find Karen's studio. I never thought I'd have either the vocal skills or the confidence to sing a solo piece but, thanks to Karen, I have both and am currently recording my first CD!"

~ Madelaine
Broomfield, CO

"Karen has been invaluable in helping me to love and find confidence in my OWN voice. After spending years attempting to sing like other vocalists whom I admired, Karen encouraged me to embrace my own voice. I cannot thank Karen enough for showing me the path to realizing the potential of my individual, unique sound."

~ Sharyl
Longmont, CO

"Through Karen's sessions over the years, not only have I learned how to extend my lower range, but I've comfortably extended my upper voice as well. Now I easily sing with a full 3 octave range without going into falsetto. Karen really knows her stuff, being a phenomenal vocalist herself who is in constant training to improve her own technique. Where her techniques shined with me is in her ability to help free up my entire vocal instrument; by really learning from her how to breathe, how to sing in a very relaxed way and how to care properly for my voice, I'm a way more confident singer and performer. Where before I used to strain and push to hit those high notes and just hope for those low notes, I can now easily rely on them at every show giving the audience a better experience and giving me more peace of mind."

~ Forest
1/6 of FACE Vocal Band
Boulder, CO

"Singing has always been a passion for me but a few years ago I felt the need to take my voice in a new direction and I began to seek the help of a singing teacher. Nothing prepared me for the amazing presence that came into my life when I found Karen and the Sing for Life studio. I was attracted to her belief that everyone should sing! I quickly learned that Karen hears and sees the whole person. When she works with you, she tunes into your joy, your fears, and your true potential. Karen becomes a bridge that connects you to your voice! Thanks to Karen, I rediscovered my "whole" voice and I am now able to express myself in song and song writing. What a gift to have Karen as my teacher and now also a friend."

~ Susan
Louisville, CO

"Karen helped me in more ways than one. She helped me accomplish my goal of becoming a singer and helped me overcome my shyness. She always kept everything positive and told me exactly what I needed to do to get to the next step. Karen is a wonderful person inside and out and is someone who changed my life musically and personally."

~ Brianna
Lafayette, CO

"I have never worked with someone so enthusiastic and passionate about music. Karen is a very energetic and caring and the knowledge that you leave with from her lessons, is beyond any expectations I had about the voice and singing. She is wonderfully considerate and straight forward and a great motivator for those of us with a few things to juggle. Thank you Karen, you have made me a better singer and person by just knowing you."

~ Julie
Lafayette, CO

"Karen transformed me from a tentative performer with poor technique to a strong, confident, technically-correct singer. She was not only willing to work with my hearing loss, but embraced it and taught me to use it to my advantage. The love and passion she has for singing and for her students is astounding. I am grateful to have had her as a teacher and pleased to call her my friend."

~ Ali
Indianapolis, IN

"Karen Patterson is not only an amazing singer, but an amazing teacher. Her non-pressure approach to vocal instruction allowed me to release years of anxiety I had built up in regards to singing. She understands the correlation between the the mind, body and voice. Karen will not push your voice inappropriately. She will teach you how to release control of physical and mental attributes that may be holding your voice back from reaching its true potential. Karen is absolutely the best vocal instructor I have ever worked with. I would recommend her to anyone at any level. She will bring out the best in your voice. It won't be long until you have heard sounds come from yourself that you never thought possible."

Brighton, CO

"Karen taught me to dream out loud and how to turn my dreams into goals. Karen helped to guide me to where I wanted to be with my voice."

~ Anja
Denver, CO